Samina Duvets


After quite a long time, SAMINA duvets guarantee you appreciate an ideal bed environment in all seasons. The duvets are filled by hand and sewn indicate by-point counteract warm holes.

A concordant bed environment is of major significance for remedial and sound rest. The fleece fillings in SAMINA bedding are, no matter what, produced using 100 % natural virgin sheep’s fleece acquired just from sheep that run wild. The normal fiber has a high level of self-cleaning capacity. Virgin sheep’s fleece is totally one of the best atmosphere strands as a result of its properties to keep you easily warm in the winter and wonderfully cool in the late spring. Its exceptional capacity to retain around 30 % of its own weight in dampness which then vanishes into the climate of the room make virgin sheep’s fleece a perfect filling for bedding. SAMINA duvets are basically dazzling; delicate to the touch and with a coasting quality. The cover is produced using 100% natural cotton ticking and the embedded filling is altered with cross-sewing. The SAMINA group of duvets offers a determination suitable for each atmosphere.



SAMINA Midsummer Night Dream

Only a breath of virgin sheep’s fleece, the Midsummer Night Dream is the ideal duvet for hot summer evenings to keep your bed cool and dry. Filling: 7/10 an oz. of virgin sheep’s fleece per square foot.


For charming summer evenings, a light and breezy Summer duvet. Filling: 1 oz. of virgin sheep’s fleece per square foot.

SAMINA Spring/Autumn

For in the middle of seasons, you can utilize our Spring/Autumn duvet to keep up an ideal warm and dry bed environment. Filling: 2 oz. of virgin sheep’s fleece per square foot

SAMINA Four Seasons

In winter, essentially twist up in the Four Seasons duvet. This is a mix of the light Summer duvet and Spring/Autumn duvet (combined by entwining the circles at either end) bringing about a comfortable, heavier weight duvet. Like its name, this duvet is best for atmospheres with four particular seasons. Filling: 3 oz. per square foot.


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